tricks for casino games

In the Tips and Tricks section, we have a few things in store that might interest you.

Book of Oz Tricks

Book of Oz is a book slot based on the musical The Wizard of Oz. We tested some tricks on the slot from 2018 and present the results in the Book of Oz Tricks article.

Eye of Horus Trick

Eye of Horus is one of the older classics from the game manufacturer Merkur. Here, too, ancient Egypt must be addressed. The rumors about Eye of Horus tricks are as old as this game itself.

Lucky charm tricks for ladies

Lucky charm tricks

The clues we followed for this game are hardly known. We trawled through old forums to find the lucky charm tricks.

Mercury system error

The system bug was a trick in the Merkur game Super Frutta that actually worked. We investigated whether there are still games with Merkur system errors today?

Mercury tricks

More generally and in summary, we have also created an article on Merkur tricks. There everything revolves around tips and secret strategies for various games from the well-known manufacturer, both in the arcade and in the online casino.

New Tricks

Analogously to the Merkur tricks, we have also put together the Novoline tricks. There we collect all tips for the games of the popular Austrian slot machine manufacturer.

Secret casino tricks

We went in search of tips that only a few initiated players know. You can read about the results in detail under Secret Casino Tricks.

Roulette Tricks

Roulette Tricks

We are not only slots players, we also enjoy playing with the ball. You can find out which tricks you can use in the casino and which ones online in our roulette tricks.

watch kettle

You can actually gain an advantage by peeking a kettle. However, this technique is very difficult to learn. You can try anyway, but don’t be overly optimistic.

2 euro trick for slot machines

Perhaps the most well-known slot machine trick is the $2 trick. In fact, the developers of this method failed to take into account one crucial thing. Does this trick still work? This is not the case as there is no win cycle in slot machines.

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