Tennis betting strategy

The condition for successful tennis betting is a thorough, own tennis betting strategy. In the case of tennis, a successful betting strategy also depends on knowing the field and the important tournaments, finding the best odds and margins (roughly 5% is considered average) or it will fail!

Study the statistics, make your own table!

In tennis, there are several statistical markers that you can note down and prepare well for betting. One of these is aces, i.e. the number of winning hands, or more precisely their frequency. Even against a favorite, a competitor who often wins his opponent’s service game can cause surprises. There are tennis bettors who specialize in such breaks and are looking for players who perform well in betting situations and favorable odds for breaks! Finally, which competitor tends to make mistakes rather than being forced to do so by his opponent, thus giving points to his opponent. You can find more such detailed statistical pages in English on the web! It is worth visiting them often and highlighting the data that is valuable to you.

Don’t overestimate the results against each other!

When examining head-to-head situations, it is worth highlighting the competitors with better endurance, greater hitting power, or faster, etc. When examining the previous performance of two competitors against each other, the first thing to look for is whether there is one of the two who has never defeated the other before. If such a situation occurs, it means a very serious psychological disadvantage in a sport as intense and fast-paced as tennis. If the ratio of back-and-forth hits is balanced, then the field, the player’s form, and the competition’s performance up to that point can be examined.

Take advantage of your favorite’s nervousness!

advantage of your favorite

Tennis is a sport where everything depends on one player or one pair. The world ranking has less importance here. Rather, it is the player’s current form that can be decisive. A tennis player who is considered less likely can get further in the same tournament in better shape than a stumbling, exhausted favorite! If you notice the signs of this early, it can already be the key to a successful and profitable bet!

Bet on game spread!

In this case, you bet on the point difference of each won or lost set. This is a handicap bet. If you place the later winner with a handicap of -2.0 points, your bet will not win in a game with a score of 6:4. It is popular among beginner bettors because it is constantly offered with high odds of around 2.00.

Bet on a set!

If you simply want to find tennis markets with higher odds, you can bet on the less likely game to win a set. You can find quite good odds for these, especially if the bookies are not necessarily sure of their business either. Even a player with a high chance can lose a set at any time.

The track

The track

The surface of the tennis court can also greatly influence the outcome of the game. There are four types of courts in tennis: grass, clay, hard and carpet. The last of these is the one that is not included in the Grand Slam. On a clay court, the tennis ball is less bouncy and the sets are longer. A calmer and more technical player with a better sense of balance can have an advantage on such a course. When betting on tennis on grass, you should know that the ball bounces more strongly on a grass court, which makes it difficult to defend. A stronger serving player has a clear advantage here. Finally, a hard surface track is located between the previous two. This is why most sportsbooks focus on such matches here. Tip: if you make your own competition calendar for your player, mark the type of courses in the table with a different background color!

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